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2014 / 07 / 12

One post a year…

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2014 / 03 / 05
2013 / 06 / 09

So, I felt like writing a random post so I’ll just throw it up here for the moment.
No this isn’t some inspirational post of some sort.


Last week I went to the city zoo with my mom and my brother’s friend to kill time.
I like animals… when I don’t have to deal with them.
For that reason alone, I can resist the smell and the price spike to go check on my fellow local pets. (Hey, I do contribute to their feed.)


Brief fill in:
The zoo itself is fairly small (probably a 20 min walk if you don’t drool with the animals) with a limited collection of animals and an okay route. Excluding the fact that I had to look at the map at the same place I did last time, I think the overall traffic flow is designed quite fluently. As a designer with a degree in architecture, I find the bird shit bombing zone super fascinating. Built with high I-beams and wrapped with net, tourists walks into the (netted) opened space bird zone without any glass or wire separations. (Shit bombing action is just an extra plus for your adventurous walk in the park.) I could bullshit a little more about how that blends and blurs the distance and relationship between birds and humans but I’m not getting paid for it so nevermind.
It’s also really cute how the birds align nicely on the I-beam.


Back to my trip… as I was chirpily briefing my fellow tourists about the no-turning-back upcoming bird shit bombing zone, I felt a fallen leave or something hit me on my back shoulder. Noting what I just said, I had a reflex impulse just to make sure it was a leaf…


Heh. Nope. Colorful multi-textural poo.
I got shat on.


Come on. I didn’t even reach the shit zone yet.

You know the first coherent thought that came into my mind (after 5 minutes of “UGHAAHHHHHHHHH”) was hey… this is just like the my blog header. See above.

Too bad I was in too much shock to see who dun it and even the score get a pic.

Navy Blue (Battleship) was one of my favorite GB game growing up. Hitting a submarine is like winning the lotto. (Damn, I was easy to please as I kid.) Not quite the same, but I’m sure that bird had the same YEAH~ EAT THAT, SUCKER!!! moment.

Just think about all the extensive plotting, physics, aerodynamics, with the perfect timing to plop one from high above. I’m sure it took a lot of trial & error and failed attempts to finally hit one.

Bird 1, Me 0


Compared to being hit, I think I felt crappier when I found out that half of the animals called it a day and got off work early. No see tigers. :(
Me sad.


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2012 / 09 / 09

So… apparently lifetime access to Parsons’ A server was referring to A server’s lifetime.

Good thing I bought my own site and backed up my files. *sigh*

Quality work, New School!

Since the easiest way to get my blog posts back is to simply load it up, I moved it here temporarily. In the meantime it’s all hidden.

Due to the move, please bare with glitches/funky stuff/broken links on the blog.

Turning comments off, spam is getting annoying; meanwhile, feel free to e-mail.